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This is Why I Do This…

So, we all appreciate the admiration and compliments of a job well done. Knowing the hard work you do yields something. For you, it might be a new kitchen that becomes the heart of holiday meals for years to come. Through good times and bad, all the while bringing family and loved ones together. Maybe it’s a new coat of paint to help a young couple put their mark on their new home or maybe the plumber whose 24 hour emergency service saves Mrs. Jones’ daughter’s woobie from the sewer monster by unclogging the toilet.

For me, a job well done also means more than a good-looking website. For me and Bob and Michele, we do this not just to build websites but to help build businesses. You see, the websites we create and the content we develop for contractors like you helps pay for college tuition, truck payments and weddings. It develops leads that turn into cash flow to make payroll this Friday. It builds the economy one phone call, one email or one shop visit at a time. That’s why I do this. And it makes it even better when a client takes the time out of their day to say this about our work:


I wanted to ‘publically’ thank you for rebuilding my website and turning it into a ‘lead machine’! We had a decent looking website in the past but had two major problems with it.
1) We did not come up in organic searches
2) We did not have a well formated ‘call to action’ to convert viewers to leads.

We are now ranked on page one on most searches and 2/3’s of our google analytic hits are from organic searches.

You website design work has given us the tools and confidence to succeed in today’s ‘tougher than ever’ business climate. I prepared a rough draft of what I thought made us unique and you sculpted into a masterpiece. We are receiving more contact forms today than in the past and anticipating a busy selling season this spring. You have always been very approachable and personable in our phone conversations and attentive to our needs and questions.

Thanks again Darren for giving me the tools to succeed and please feel free to use us as a reference.

Bill Moseley
Garages-N-More, Inc.


Understand, I don’t post Mr. Moseley’s email to beat my chest, or to tell you how good our designs are or how well we write. I post it because I think it’s important to let you know that we make a difference in people’s lives doing what we do. And we are happy to do it…One site at a time! Thank you Bill, it was a pleasure!


2 responses to “This is Why I Do This…”

  1. Andy Avatar

    good job Mr Slaughter and co, there are livelihoods at stake when people come to you for help to generate work. You made a real difference there.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Andy! I appreciate that.