Traffic Without Conversions is Like Kissing Your Sister!

Obviously, I spend a lot of time around contractors, both online and in the real world. And there is plenty of spirited competition when it comes to just about, well everything. But I am starting to observe a troubling trend that I feel compelled to mention.

Website traffic

I hear things like “my site got 500 visitors last month” or “I got 50 hits last week” and I want to scream from the rooftops that people are tracking the wrong numbers!

It’s all about conversion!

You could get 10 million “hits”, or visitors a month to your site and I wouldn’t care. I wouldn’t care because the number I want to keep track of, and the number you NEED to know off of the top of your head is how many of those visitors reached out and contacted you – converted.

Do you even know…?

How many people picked up the phone, sent you an email or filled out your contact form? Because that is the ONLY number you need to worry about when it comes to website stats since it is the only number that is going to put dollars in your pocket.

You see, website traffic needs to be a contact sport; you can’t make a living off of impressions, or visits. You need a fresh batch of people coming to your site who have cash in hand and are ready to make a purchase; everything else is like kissing your sister.