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Treat High Ranking Organic Results Like Referrals

Sure, referrals are the result of a job well done, but no contractor I know has been able to create a sustainable business with just referrals.

Same thing is true with organic results

If you are on the first page of the search results for a keyword that generates business for you, GREAT!

But that doesn’t make a business!

You have to still market and advertise your business because guys like me are trying to knock companies out of that first page of Google for their clients.

In other words, enjoy the first page ranking, but don’t build a business around it. Instead, use things like social media, blogging, traditional advertising and other types of engagement in order to supplement and complement your organic traffic!

One response to “Treat High Ranking Organic Results Like Referrals”

  1. Carmen Rane Hudson Avatar
    Carmen Rane Hudson

    Huh! I hadn’t thought to equate front page listings with referrals before.

    But I suppose that makes a lot of sense. Either way, you have to keep right on doing what you’re doing without resting on your laurels.