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The Trouble With Contractor Websites

One of the new catch words or catchphrases I get asked all the time is are our websites responsive. And the answer has been yes, in fact all of the websites for the last three have been responsive.

Not sure what responsive means?

Responsive means your contractor website will look great on an iPhone or Android or an iPad or some type of other tablet as well as on a traditional desktop or laptop.

Your website needs to do this…

What I often find during one of my website reviews is that the site isn’t cross-browser compatible. And right about now you are saying to yourself, “what the hell is that”?

Cross browser compatibility means that the site looks good in the Firefox browser, that it looks the same in the Chrome browser and that it looks the same in Internet Explorer and Safari. Now, a lot of times we have to take IE a few steps further since there are so many iterations of the browser still on so many computers.

Point is, you have to make sure that your website works across all the different devices AND browser platforms. This means making sure your site looks the same and interacts the same across all of the popular browsers. It also means making sure your contact form functions properly, confirming your videos show correctly and don’t need some special plugin to run on a particular flavor of browser and that generally your website provides the same user experience to all users as it does on a desktop.