Use Location Specific Landing Pages Instead of Keyword Stuffing!

I have noticed that a really prominent contractor website design company packs their sites with city-based keywords in the footer of their sites. It got me thinking if their clients know that their sites have the potential to be flagged (and dropped in the rankings) by Google for keyword stuffing?

My solution – Location-specific landing pages

Instead of putting their clients at risk, what they should be doing (and you should to) is create location-specific landing pages. These are pages that are optimized for two things; what you do and where you do it.


Under my plan, if you were a remodeling company in Philadelphia, you would have specific pages setup on your site like so:

“Philadelphia Kitchen Remodeling”


“Philadelphia bathroom remodeling”

Now, I can drill down and get even more local with my landing pages. Since Philadelphia is a city and an area, there are other places (or keyword terms) I could use.


“Abington Kitchen Remodeling” get’s local coverage in a suburb of Philly, while “Frankford Kitchen Remodeling” is an area INSIDE the Philadelphia city limits, but drills down deeper into the local market.

How you use this to your advantage is by creating separate pages on your site that are searchable by the search engines (and prospects if you have a search function on your site), but that don’t appear in your site navigation bar.

Why do it this way?

1. Because these pages are purpose-built (I love when I can use construction terms) for two types of marketing.

2. Targeting those specific keywords on their own pages will make it easier to rank those specific PAGES in the search engines.

3. For PPC campaigns. For example, if you were bidding on “Abington Kitchen Remodeling” and your Adwords ad had “Abington Kitchen Remodeling” in it, and you sent the traffic from that ad to a page that talked about “Abington Kitchen Remodeling”, then you could find yourself ranking higher (and paying less per click) than the knuckleheads you compete with.

So, if you have a site that has 40 different areas that you serve stuffed into the footer, I will be waiting for your call once Google banishes your site to the virtual Botany Bay for poor website designers.

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Photo Credit: AdamSelwood