Video Use On Contractor Websites: 5 Reasons You Need to Start NOW!

If I could give you one compelling argument to adopt some type of video content use on your contractor website going into next year it would be this…

  • Your closing ratio would go up
  • Your time to close would go down
  • You would be able to maintain pricing
  • You would improve your search engine optimization
  • You would make more money

There’s five! Screw just one, I gave you five!

Now all you have to do is start recording your projects now. Start recording DIY projects when you can. Start doing product reviews.

I am basically telling you that to generate content for next year, you need to start filming NOW!

So, there was a reason you spent a couple hundred bucks for a smart phone (and it wasn’t just to take duck-faced selfies), so whip them out on the job site and start recording!