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Want to Cost Your Business $500K This Year? Do This…

contractor websitesThis was the topic today to the 950 or so newsletter subscribers I have. If you aren’t getting my weekly newsletter, you can sign up by clicking here and just put in your email address and you are subscribed.


Apathy and the Curse of Not Getting Leads

So a few weeks ago I offered all of you a free homepage evaluation. Free, didn’t cost anything.

I have 950 contractors on my website newsletter list and 58 of you took advantage of a FREE offer from someone who reviews, builds and supports hundreds of construction websites a year.

Of the 58 of you who I reviewed, how many of you have implemented the changes I recommended?

Sure, I get it, you’re all busy, you have a business to build, payroll to meet, suppliers to pay…

So I ask you, what are any of you waiting for? 

Those of you who didn’t take advantage at all, I don’t even get that one. But those of you who responded, is it because you got it for free and you don’t have any skin in the game?

Is it because it’s one of those things you will get around to?

Well, my job is to make you uncomfortable…Uncomfortable because other things get your attention

Your bill comes in from your advertising. Your employees want to get paid. The truck payment is due.

But all those things will come along and ring your bell if you ignore them while your website sits there and drives people either to you or away from you.

Your website is agnostic to your need for leads. You either care and feed your site, or you let it look like something else in your life you let go…relationships, the lawn or your marketing.

In the meantime, Mrs. Jones is looking for someone to do exactly what you do and your website is either going to compel her to call you or force her into the arms (and wallet) of your competition.

Here’s living proof…

I mention all this because of a conversation I had Friday with a prospect. During a follow-up call he said to me that he was going to wait do his site at the end of the season, sometime in September.

I said no problem, let’s follow-up then. You see, I don’t pressure, you either get it or you don’t.

What my prospect didn’t get was this…

While he waits for the end of the season to come, he is turning away ten’s of thousands of dollars in new business because of his current website…it needs some love!

If his average kitchen project grosses him $30,000 in revenue per job, and a new site by us would net him 3-5 new clients a month between now and September, he is willing to give away $180k-$300k in top line revenue right now because he wants to wait.

So I say this to you, the one who is procrastinating on redoing your site. Don’t. I don’t care who is doing it,just get it done because you are costing yourself a lot of new business, you just don’t know it. If you want our help getting your website ready, click here to find out more.

Have a profitable week!