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Website Review & Adwords Discount

construction websites contractor website design So, I know you have heard me talk about my newsletter. It’s where I really get a chance to give you some in-depth insight into your website, your marketing and how to turn more shoppers into buyers. Well, my newsletter peeps is also where I roll out some pretty cool offers, and this week was no exception. If you are part of the newsletter, this is the email you got this morning, if you are not part of the email newsletter group, you didn’t get the message, and shame on you. But you can still take part in the offer this one time! But there are only 20 spots available, so do it already!

Good morning, or afternoon or whatever time it is that you finally got to read this.
In Sunday’s newsletter I mentioned I would be offering you something this week.

Well, here it is…If you don’t want to hear it, STOP READING NOW! 

In the newsletter, I talked about content creation and what you need to do
to make your site convert readers into prospects and then clients or customers.

So here’s the offer…

I normally offer website reviews for $199 with a $105 Google Adwords Coupon, netting
your review cost at $94. Well how about this; for the first 20 contractors, I will do a written
report for each page of your website (up to 20 pages) for just $105, but you still get the
$105 Google Adwords coupon, so your website review is basically free!

How can you turn away free?

You can’t silly, and you shouldn’t. Because converting just one prospect into a client or customer
can pay for your review costs a few dozen times over.

So what do you get?

Well, I’ll review your website in careful detail, looking at the message you are delivering and
the way it is being communicated. I’ll run it through my checklist of conversion factors and
determine exactly what needs to be improved.

Then I’ll create a personalized report that tells you everything I’ve discovered and exactly
what you’ll need to do to increase the effectiveness of your website.

I’ll make sure you can easily understand what needs to change — and how to change it, and with the
written report you’ll have everything you need to improve your website quickly.

Ready to get started? Click the link below to go to PayPal, pay the $105 and put your website address
in the comments. I will get your review done within the next week. But remember, I will only do this for
the first 20 clients, so don’t wait.

Link to PayPal:

Click the link above to get started. Don’t forget to include your website address in the comments section of PayPal checkout form. Need some proof before you buy, check out this testimonial/review of my reviews by one of my friends and clients, Andy Crichton.