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Website Tip For Contractors: Each Page is Useless Without This!

1379454_10202006515182398_2105805762_nYou can have the best website of any contractor in your town, you can have the best content on your page and you can write the best headlines, best lead-in or the best paragraph in the world, but if you don’t have a specific, obvious called action at the bottom of each page of your site telling people exactly what it is you want them to do, then you’ve wasted that page.

What do you think happens after somebody reads all the text on your page or watched all the videos on your page and gets to the bottom and doesn’t know what to do?

They click the back button!

What should you do to improve navigation through your website?

Feed them additional information, take them to another page on your site, give them something to do by asking them to fill out a form. But whatever you do, don’t just end a page without a next step!

And by the way, here’s a second tip for those of you who hung in there and read all the way to the bottom; if you are going to have links to another page, don’t get all fancy and complicated and try to think up clever words or keywords. If you want them to click here, tell them to click here, and make that the link. There’s dozens of studies online that prove the best words you can use to get people to click on a link is ‘click here’, trust me.