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What Are You Doing to Be Memorable?

Considering people remember 10 words or less from your presentation, you have got to be memorable. What are you doing to separate yourself from your competition? If you haven’t put any thought into this, I promise you you have lost business this year to a contractor who is making a statement in the market. Maybe you even know who he or she is?

One response to “What Are You Doing to Be Memorable?”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Well put. We’ve been scaling back the amount of printed material we leave behind, realizing how little attention people actually give it. We try to explain everything in detail, but more importantly spend time on the items we know most contractors don’t mention. One of our most effective tasks, when a project isn’t sold on the first visit, is to agree with the homeowner on a follow-up assignment for both the rep and homeowner in order to keep the conversation and momentum going. For example, more samples, exchanging information by email, a follow-up call with new information, a meeting at a similar home we’ve done in their area. It also helps gauge their true interest.