April 21, 2012

Sometimes it Isn’t Nice to Share!

When you spend the time to create a video, edit it and get it ready for human consumption (you could always just point and shoot like I do) you want the resulting traffic back at your place, on your website. Having a solid construction website will tell a lot about you, your products and services and your company’s personality, so don’t let sites like YouTube cannibalize your traffic and steal your thunder. Make sure people have to come to your website to see your stuff. That way, they can learn more about who you are, what you do and God forbid, fill out a contact form or make a phone call.Read More

June 21, 2011

What Are You Doing to Be Memorable?

Considering people remember 10 words or less from your presentation, you have got to be memorable. What are you doing to separate yourself from your competition? If you haven’t put any thought into this, I promise you you have lost business this year to a contractor who is making a statement in the market. Maybe you even know who he or she is?

April 15, 2011

Traffic Without Conversions is Like Kissing Your Sister!

Obviously, I spend a lot of time around contractors, both online and in the real world. And there is plenty of spirited competition when it comes to just about, well everything. But I am starting to observe a troubling trend that I feel compelled to mention.

Website traffic

I hear things like “my site got 500 visitors last month” or “I got 50 hits last week” and I want to scream from the rooftops that people are tracking the wrong numbers!Read More

April 14, 2011

Construction Marketing Tip – Getting Started With Video

Why use video? Because doing video really can be a great way to get the message out in a new way. It gives you a different platform to talk about products, news and other information that helps you stand out from your competition’s traditional websites or blogs.

What I use

I get at least one email a week asking me what I use to shoot my videos. And depending on where I am, I have a few different options. I use a FLIP HD for most videos shot in the car, I use a Philips Webcam when in the office and I use my Nikon CoolPix for both on the road and in the office.Read More

April 4, 2011

Using a 90 Second Video to Promote Your Contracting Company

I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks doing website reviews, and one of the common topics I bring up on most of these reviews is the use of video. You see, video is going to supplant text within 5 years as the most consumed form of media on the Web. Yes, you read that right, we are going to watch more than we are going to read.

So the use of video to market your contracting company is going to become more and more important over the next couple of years for a number of reasons:

  1. Video is easier to produce than some contextual content
  2. Search engines seem to like video a lot more these days
  3. Video gives you the ability to extend your personality
  4. There is no better way to show off your good work than video
  5. For those of you who don’t fancy yourselves writers, video allows you to level the playing field

But what makes a solid video?Read More

March 4, 2011

Video Basics for Contractor Websites

I think I read somewhere that within the next 5 years, 90% of the content consumed online is going to be in video format. Sure, that number includes the mass migration to watching network TV on sites like Hulu.com, but it also means people are getting busier (or lazy) with how they consume content on websites that are traditionally more contextually rich.

What’s it all mean?

Well, if you have paid any attention here at Darren’s, I have beaten the video drum for a long time. Having video on your site adds a lot of value to your readers.Read More