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What Canadian Club Can Teach Contractors About Social Media

So, I happen to be a Canadian Club fan, having an occasional CC and Coke ( I know, I know) at the end of the day helps me relax and chill out. While I was away a few weeks ago with the family at the beach, I happened to tweet that I was having a drink.

A few hours later I got a tweet back from Canadian Club thanking me for my support. Well, I was impressed with the follow up and left it at that. Later that night while nursing a bit of sun burn, I stopped by CC’s Twitter page. Everything looked great and then I noticed it.

As you can see by the picture attached, CC has specific hours set for social media, like a retail store. There isn’t a rule or law to social media that says you can’t post times you will be available to provide customer care, but this isn’t about customer service. As you can see, this is just hanging out with their users and interacting with them.

My point is, don’t make your social media interaction so uptight and corporate. People assume when they tweet that there isn’t someone manning a laptop 24/7, and it’s alright to follow-up with them a few hours later or even the next day. Social media is supposed to be fluid, and posting hours of operation, well, isn’t.