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What Contractors Shouldn’t Do on Their Websites

You know what kind of contractor website designer let’s a contractor talk them into putting two ridiculously non-complimentary business lines together on the same site? I will tell you:

  1. The kind that doesn’t know what they are doing because they don’t actually work with contractors…they just work with everyone, so to them it all sounds good.
  2. The desperate kind. The kind who needs the client for either the money or to add it to their portfolio to say hey, yeah, we work with contractors.
  3. The kind that does contractor websites in their spare time or as a side gig. Again, because they need the money and they want to add it to their portfolio.

Anyway…Realize this, they are fucking with your business!

With the food you put on your table for your kids. With the prospects you need to close on to make the truck payments and make payroll this Friday.

Problem is, most contractors don’t know that you shouldn’t mix two completely different businesses on one website. That it makes you look like a jack of all trades with no specialization. And I get it, I wanted to put a pool in the FRONT OF MY HOUSE until the contractor I was talking to told me (in the nicest way possible), dude, you are an idiot, it needs to be out back.

Same thing in my business, people in my profession are supposed to tell you, help you, teach you, not just let you run amok because your check cleared.

That is called stealing, and not representing your client’s best interests, even when they don’t know what is good for them. That’s why you are the expert and you give pushback, because you know better.

I know better too, and you don’t do to a site what I talk about in this video…you just don’t. But that’s what happens when EVERYONE says, hey, how hard can it be to build a website for contractors, I build them for pizza shops, no problem, how hard can it be?

4 responses to “What Contractors Shouldn’t Do on Their Websites”

  1. www.neverpaintagain.co.uk Avatar

    Great video Darren, said from the heart too it would seem.

    but…….Are you seriously saying there really IS a contractor website, like, in real life, with Spray coatings AND Christmas tree lights or was that just a pretend example? LOL!

    Kind regards Guy Alexander Bell
    Plymouth, UK.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Sadly Guy…yes, yes there is. Thanks for stopping by and commenting mate.

  2. Sam Bradley Avatar
    Sam Bradley

    I saw one that did fence building and wallpaper hanging.

    1. Darren Avatar

      That kind of stuff just makes it all the better for guys like you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sam!