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What Every Contractor Should Know…Why People Buy

There have been hundreds of studies on the subject but no one has actually identified what sales skills or tactics work best. But, the following factors have been found to play a significant role in many of these studies.

1. Expertise – The achieved level of skill and knowledge you possess helps people feel better about you. In other words, people want to buy from people who they perceive to be the experts.

2. Empathy – Your ability to identify and understand your clients or customers needs and feelings helps because people want to also buy from people who they perceive to be like themselves.

3. Enthusiasm – If your expertise can be conveyed passionately then you stand a better chance of winning the business because people buy from people who are enthusiastic about their product.

4. Ego – Ah, the almighty ego. If you can make someone feel that their level of importance or worth is high, you can help your chances of progressing the sale. And besides, they are buying from you, so they should be in a PERCEIVED stronger position.

Now, the degree to which these factors play a role in the client’s perceptions can vary throughout the sales process. For example, at the beginning of the sale, when first meeting the client, too much enthusiasm might be a turn-off. In other words, it is important to gauge your client’s body language and reactions to your actions. If you want to learn more, you can check out my new guide on selling for contractors.