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What to Do Before You Launch Your Site

Site design for the construction industry isn’t about how you like your site or use your site. It’s about making it easy for Prospect A to find out who you are, what you do, how you do it, why you are the right choice for them and then how to find you in order to convert them to Client or Customer A.

Want to know what to do before you go live?

So before you hit the publish button on your DIY website, make sure you have shown it to a few people. Get a consensus, ask for honest feedback. Your Mom is going to tell you that a bucket of slop looks good, so make sure the people you ask are going to tell you the truth…either your site rocks or it sucks!

Forget all the “I like this color” or “That picture makes your head look fat” and instead look for common themes of either praise or criticism, then adjust.

Now, once you have made these changes you can hit the publish button. Good luck!
If you think your site needs a review, check out the website design review page now.