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What Your Website Has in Common With The Movie Tin Men

Tin_men_posterSo get this, all of you are aware of all the social media sites where you have the ability to post pictures right? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram to name a few. All that means is, and I hope you realize by now, you can’t have a crappy website anymore. You can’t put 100 pictures out on those outposts and when someone decides to come back to your home on the web, they are looking at something that is MASSIVELY less appealing than where they came from.


Because the law of compare/contrast means not only will they think you have a shitty site, but they will think you have a REALLY SHITTY site because of the law of compare and contrast.

Your own website becomes the before picture in that scene in Tin Men!

All you are going to do is push people into the arms of another company who may not do what do you as well, but who has a more convincing website and blog content. If you haven’t caught on yet, the visual web, and that’s what we’re talking about here, is content too. Design and layout and flow are just as much a selling tool as words and pictures on a page.

You can’t have a crappy website anymore. You have to have a website that sells and a blog that educates. Don’t just throw something up there and say “Okay, we’re done, we have something on the web.” That’s just not going to convert anyone and is probably costing you business.

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