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What’s So Good About You?

What’s The Best Thing About You?

That is question #6 in my website design phone interview, and I ask it for one reason. I have to take the good, warm fuzzy stuff that people who meet you know, and translate that into content that does the same thing without all the happy social interaction.

Does your site’s content convey what is best about you?

If you did your own site, or had one of these shops that slap boiler-plate content up on each page without really getting to know who you are as a contractor or how you perform your work, then you are doing YOUR CLIENT or CUSTOMER a disservice.

That’s right, your client or customer is the one getting screwed with their pants on!


Because let’s say they are looking for a special kind of floor finisher who does a sandless process, and it is very important for them to hire the right contract who can provide this service. And you happen to have a sandless process that rocks, but that content is buried down on page 27 of your site, never to be heard from again.

Point is…

If you are not promoting what makes you better, different, special or unique in your content, then you are losing business, you just don’t know it. So, get a pen and start writing. Write like you are sitting in a coffee shop with a friend and you are telling him or her how you do your job.

Guess what?

You just wrote the front page of your website! Where 90% of your traffic starts viewing your site. Now get to work!

One response to “What’s So Good About You?”

  1. Chris Haught Avatar
    Chris Haught

    Darren, spot on about the boilerplate content, those nicely done (visually) well ranking (but soulless) cookie cutter websites are such a disservice to contractors that have specific skill sets they should be showing off!