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What’s Your Font Type?

What Type Are You?

To some of you, this is going to be the most boring post you have ever read. To those of you who understand that incremental changes mean big results, this is going to be a pretty big deal.

Your website typeface matters!

I have been doing a lot of reviews lately, and I have come across some very beautiful sites that need little if any changes and I have come across sites that need a lot of love.

But one of the problems I see across the board is the font type and size.

Most readers today have some type of reading aid…glasses, contacts, whatever. Comes from years now of squinting at little computer screens.

Make it easy for them to read!

Instead of having Mrs. Jones press her face up against the screen or have to finagle with screen settings, just make your font type Arial and the size 14 for all text contained in a paragraph.

Headlines need love too!

If you are going to make your basic text larger, you are going to need to increase the size of your headlines and page headings as well. So go with Arial font again, and chose either 16 or 18 font size.

It’s the little things that matter

When people leave your site they don’t stop by to tell you why, and you don’t want people to leave because they can’t read it, so help out the Jones and make it just a little bit easier to do business with you.

3 responses to “What’s Your Font Type?”

  1. Carport Avatar

    I really agree. I love the Century Gothic font for it is so class and easy on the eyes.

  2. Katie Avatar

    Thanks for posting this! Nothing turns me off of a site faster than Comic Sans. Another suggestion is to keep your use of font color to a minimum. Colored fonts make it extremely difficult to read on a computer!

  3. Barbara Walsh Avatar
    Barbara Walsh

    So happy to read this article. My friends kept telling me the font on my site was too big. So I made it smaller and I can’t read it. Yes, it frustrates me when I view someone’s site and have trouble reading so guess what, I bounce off, just like you said. I see nothing wrong with increasing the font size. Even folks with good eyesight feel eye strain after a full day at the PC or viewing their Android all day.