Monday 5th June 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

You don’t need a selling style. You don’t need the Franklin close. You simply need to be able to tell a story about your business. Tell a story about the way you do your work. And tell a story as to how Mrs. Jones how she is going use the product or service you are going to provide her.

3 thoughts on “Who Else Wants To Know How To Close More Estimates?

  1. Great post Darren.
    It reminded me of a builder conference I attended a few years ago.
    During the conference one builder spoke about all the awards he had won. He told the group, “Probably 80% of you are better builders than I am, but I’ve got all the awards. How did I win them? I learned how to tell a better story.”

  2. I think you need a little of both. You need a great story–but you also need to know how to ask for the sale. A lot of the times people won’t ask for the sale at all, and that leaves the transaction hanging. It’s sort of like needing to have a call to action in good copy. Sometimes people need to be shown the next step–they don’t always just infer it. I also think that knowing how to really get into a conversation, welcome objections, and tell stories while meeting objections is pretty helpful stuff.

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