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Why Manufacturer’s Websites Kill Your Contracting Business

If you have links to your suppliers or allow your business to be listed with a supplier you are getting screwed. Contractors don’t realize that there are search functions on their supplier or dealer websites where readers can find other contractors! If you fall into this category, fix it now. I promise you will get more business from it.

3 responses to “Why Manufacturer’s Websites Kill Your Contracting Business”

  1. Nick Avatar

    What kills me along with this all the guys who wear the t shirts from a supplier instead of there own. Why should I advertise for Benjamin Moore? They are not paying me or giving me any free paint. I advertise for THINKPAINTING! Great post.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Nick for stopping by and commenting! You are right, and the answer is because they are free!

  2. Bob Benhardt Avatar
    Bob Benhardt

    They are cheap forms of advertisements and they act like they are doing YOU a favor by giving you one.