Friday 24th March 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Our websites are designed with a specific recipe in mind for the navigation. Part of that recipe is WAS a testimonials tab.

Until a few months ago…

A few months ago we changed that heading to REVIEWS. We changed it to reviews because that is the term when people search for what others are saying about you on line.

They search for “Bob Jacomoni Plumbing Reviews”, not Bob Jacomoni testimonials.

And as always, I want them to find the website that Bob owns. Not Google Places, not Yelp.


Because Bob is a digital sharecropper on those sites. and as we all know, those outlets can’t be trusted to either provide accurate reviews or even reviews at all!

And lastly, when someone searches for reviews on a specific company, I want them to find themselves on my client’s site because that is where we SELL! That’s where the contact form is, that’s where the gallery showing off their great work is, and that’s where their reviews are…

On your own site, helping you sell!

4 thoughts on “Why We Use Reviews Instead of Testimonials on The Sites We Design

  1. Great advice. And in my book, a review equals a testimonial but a testimonial does NOT equal a review. Always as customers for a “review” instead of “testimonial”. Most are getting very comfortable with “reviews” as being short, quick and easy. Testimonials carry the baggage of having to be written out and take time and thought. I find customers are more likely to say, YES, to a review.

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