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Why Your About Us page Makes All the Difference to Your Website

About us

You may not read every About Us page you come across, but I can promise you that it’s an invaluable tool and a must have on your contractor website. In fact,the about us is the second-most read page on your site [pullquote]the about us is the second-most read page on your site[/pullquote].

Why is the about us page so important?

You are providing a service to homeowners who trust you enough to come into their houses and complete the job professionally and with the highest of quality. A well constructed and designed About Us page helps build that trust and credibility for prospective customers without you or your sales team having ever said a word.

Your About Us page should contain pictures of everyone who works for the company, from the person who answers the phones to the owner to the company mascot. Include their full name and title as well. That way, when a homeowner speaks to someone in the company, they will recall the names and faces they saw on your website. Even if you’re just a one-man/woman operation, a few pictures of yourself can go a long way.

In a perfect world, each employee should also have a short bio about them that’s just a few sentences long. This paragraph should not only talk about their experience in the industry, but also what they like to do in their spare time.

Do they have a family?
Do they volunteer in the community?
Do they enjoy a certain sporting activity?

All of these little pieces of information help a customer connect more to you and your company on a level deeper than simply buyer/seller.

Finally, include any awards your company has received or any associations or organizations that they are a part of. If you are a member of the Better Business Bureau, with a rating of A or better, or your local chamber of commerce, include that. It’s even better if you include an image or logo. This part of your About Us page helps build credibility in the homeowner’s eyes, and lowers their sales resistance.

If you are tracking visits to your website, you may very well find that your About Us page is one of the most popular. Therefore, make sure it’s at the top of your priority list when building or updating your site. You have an entire site to talk about your services; let this page focus on the people who make your company the amazing business that it is.