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Would You Buy From You? Or Why People Buy

Yesterday I sat in on a sales call webinar on RemodelCrazy.com given by Darren Salyer of Absolute Basement Finishing, LLC. (Disclosure: Darren is a client of mine) and Christopher Wright of WrightWorks, a home remodeling contractor located in Indy. Both talked about what has made them successful in the trades and how they have honed their selling skills to move prospects to write them big checks for the great work they do.

I thought the conversation was invaluable for new recruits and grizzled vets alike who fight everyday trying to make a living while selling to Joe Public. After the call, I got to thinking about the topic of selling and how that one particular skill-set along with product knowledge could be the deciding factor in whether or not you make it in your construction business. So, I thought I would kick it around here with you to see what your thoughts were.

The MO of selling

There is an MO to selling, or mode of operating that isn’t profit-driven, although that is the byproduct. The primary MO of selling has to be your ability to present your skills in a logical fashion that builds trust, instills integrity and conveys an intimate understanding  of your product and/or service. After that it’s all horseshoes.

Take my business for example

I have three core principles to running my company, and you can see them everywhere. In my slogan, my headlines, my business card. The way I deal with clients. I treat everyone like a friend who I am just passing along my knowledge to for them to use as they see fit. It really is a simple philosophy that works for me and the clients I serve. It is s what I believe in most and I think it is the backbone to a solid business idea.

Help Contractors Sell More, Advertise Better & Market to Buyers

And that’s it. That has been my beacon in the night when all else fails because it centers me and defines what I do for you, MY client. What’s yours? How are you defining what you do for your clients? How are you selling to people? Are you good at it? Do you think selling is about how good you are or is it more about why people buy? We’ll talk about it, but before this post gets too long, I am going to make it a 2-parter. So tomorrow, we are going to talk about…

Why People Buy

So make sure you check in!

2 responses to “Would You Buy From You? Or Why People Buy”

  1. Sam Bradley Avatar
    Sam Bradley

    Your post today reminded me of Michael Neray’s, “What Drive You Crazy, Makes You Great” from http://www.EssentialMessage.com .
    Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Sam! Have a great weekend! I will check that out.