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Your Site Needs to Change With The Times

Keep Your Site Fresh

In this day and age of websites, emails, text messages and social media, people have many ways to get to information.  People may discuss a news item at work and then use their cell phone or computer to find the latest and greatest information about the subject almost in real-time.

So, how is this affecting news and people’s reactions?

It is forcing companies to stay on top of their industry and provide timely information on a regular basis. What does this have to do with a you the contractor?  Plain and simple, it means that you need a website that is constantly providing new information.  When someone visits a website and they see the same old “About me page” and the same old “Here is our PAST work” page and nothing new or fresh, they are likely to ignore the site in general.

People want to see what is happening NOW, not 5 years ago!

With this in mind, it really is easy to stay fresh and relevant.  A blog or an article page on the website can be a place where you comment on changes in the industry, give tips or advice on small DIY projects around the house, or simply relate to your visitors by giving them a behind the scenes look at your business.

You could even address local news on your site, which shows visitors that you are on top of local events and how they are impacting the area.  A constant supply of new pictures, videos or testimonials of recent work will give the impression that your company is currently busy and scheduling work weeks in advance. Staying fresh and relevant doesn’t require a shift in the way your business get’s done, it just takes a little action. So stop reading this blog and get to work!