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Another Reason Buying Likes Ruins Your Business

Buying Likes Ruins Your Business

So, by now you know all the reasons you shouldn’t buy likes, its deceptive, its doesn’t generate actual business, it is a waste of money.

All are right…and there’s one more. 

One day (sooner than later) you may want to advertise on Facebook. Anywhere from a $5 boost to a full-scale ad campaign into the thousands of dollars a month. 

I got news for ya…

When you buy likes and they come from some far off land, from far off profiles that won’t/don’t matter to your actual real-life marketing efforts, all of your numbers (you track your numbers right?) inside of Facebook Insights will be skewed and screwed. 

I mean, what good is tracking visitors when the majority of people who have liked you or followed you are 18 year olds from the Philippines? 

So…to close.

Keep it legit, stop focusing on the number of likes and worry more about the relationships!