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  • New Construction Marketing Ideas

    Let me start off by saying there are no new construction marketing ideas. The way to win the game is to iterate and improve upon what is already out there. Its the fastest, cheapest way to market. But… You have to know your numbers Big company, little company, it doesn’t matter. You have to know…

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  • I love Email Marketing

    Funny story. I started a non-profit to help kids who want to participate in the performing arts. When I built the website, I used the code for my newsletter as a placeholder expecting to change it once the site went live. Well, I forgot And for 60 days now, I’ve added emails from parents who…

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  • Chasing the Wrong Game

    I was reading a few articles today and came across one titled ‘Business Blogging. How to Go Viral.’ That is absolutely the wrong metric to shoot for. It doesn’t matter if you are a plumber trying to get $69 drain cleaning jobs or a major remodeler looking to talk to people who want hundred thousand…

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