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I love Email Marketing

Funny story. I started a non-profit to help kids who want to participate in the performing arts. When I built the website, I used the code for my newsletter as a placeholder expecting to change it once the site went live.

Well, I forgot

And for 60 days now, I’ve added emails from parents who want their kids involved in the theater to my construction marketing email list.

Guess what…?

When I realized it and I sent out info to some of the people subscribed, about half said they wanted to stay on it, and that they could use the information in their jobs.

Having an email list that you can talk to on a regular basis is awesome. Having one-on-one communication with people who want to hear what you have to say helps you rise above the noise.

Just make sure to make your emails mobile friendly, since 66% of all email is now being opened on a mobile device.

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