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Computers, Websites and Social…Oh My!

Social media has the same detractors going for that computers did, that the Internet did, that websites did. Oh, it’s just a fad, its going away. Well, all of those things proved the naysayers wrong, and social will too.

Social will morph and change and maybe even called something else, but the act of sharing and teaching and having a one-on-one conversation isn’t.

Even the platforms may change. Sure, Facebook will shit the bed one day, Twitter is just getting ramped up, but these platforms or outposts are plug and play. Remove one, insert another, the concept of social sharing isn’t changing.


Cause it really is like going back to our roots. Funny thing about the web, while we are all excited by the fact that we could talk to someone sitting in Germany while in our underwear, the web has brought us all back to thinking locally again…and how to be social in a local environment online.

4 responses to “Computers, Websites and Social…Oh My!”

  1. Chris Haught Avatar
    Chris Haught

    Wow Darren, your comment about checking SM as soon as you got in the car hit home! It’s not just checking SM, I noticed today that over 36% percent of my visitors come from Mobile Devices! And many are referrals from SM!

    1. Darren Avatar

      You got it Chris! Funny thing is, don’t even think about advertising on mobile, not only doesn’t it work, but it is riddled with fraud. It will get cleaned up, kind of like the old days of PPC, but right now…stay away.

  2. Bob Benhardt Avatar
    Bob Benhardt

    Darren, as the coffee was kickstarting my brain this morning – I was thinking along these similar lines. My analogy to this is if you have ever transplanted a plant from a container to the ground or a larger container.

    If you pull that bare and look at the roots – that is our connections to people. The larger roots are to those with a long and strong relationship with the small thin capillaries out to all we have met (not just saying hello in passing but spoke a sentence or two with)

    1. Darren Avatar

      It really is about the connections…you can’t make them any other way! Good stuff Bob!