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Not Working Your Facebook Page? Here’s What You Are Missing!


Facebook isn’t just a social media platform to post pictures of lunch, it’s a place where the web is today. As a contractor, you are always looking for new ways to get the word out about what you do and why people should hire you.

Well, Facebook is now a platform you should be paying attention to

Sure, your website is great and maybe you advertise offline or sponsor a little league team or send out postcards. Facebook is a great place to get started with social media advertising for contractors.

Studies have shown that on average, people spend a total of over an hour every day on Facebook. It’s become the go-to app on all our smart phones when we’re bored, standing in line or even sitting watching TV at home!

With so many people on Facebook, it gives contractors the perfect tool for social media advertising. If you’re not convinced, here why you should amp up your presence on the network.

Allows for Customer Interaction

If you don’t have a business page, Facebook makes the process easy. You can add pictures of projects or events, post updates and let people have a more personal look at what you and your business are all about.

You may think your website has all the components needed…but Facebook does one thing and one thing well…get’s you in front of your prospects.

Facebook also allows your potential customer to engage with your business through direct interaction.

A perfect example of the way customers can interact when on your Facebook page is the “liking” system. This allows people to “like” your Facebook business page and by doing so, get future updates from your page.

Customers are also able to interact not just by hitting that thumbs up button but by commenting on the posts and pictures on your page. If they do comment, you have the opportunity to comment back and find out more about them as a potential customer.

Creates More Contacts

Another great feature to using Facebook for your construction business is the potential for a whole new list of contacts. By including your contact info on your business page, potential customers can now reach out to you right from your page.

Another great feature of Facebook is the ability for a user’s friends to see your business through their liking of your page. This happens when a user “likes” your page. It posts on their friend’s newsfeed where they can click and see what your page is all about.

Gains the Customers Trust

When someone sees pictures of current projects, your workers doing a good job and people using your business, it builds trust in your business. You can do what you say you can do. Even though they have never spoken to you, the fact that they can see proof of you at work makes it easier for them to decide to call you.

There you have it, three good reasons to use Facebook for your contracting business. If you don’t have a business page on Facebook, or you have one but its been so long you forget what it looks like, hop on right now get working!

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