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Contractor Marketing Tip: Using Photo Sharing Websites to Boost Business

photo sharing for contractorsContractors are constantly being asked for references and proof of their work.  New clients want to make sure that the contractor can do what they say they can do in all of their marketing materials before agreeing to a binding contract.  Thanks to the different photo sites that are available, showing prospects before and after images has gotten a little easier.

Increasingly, contractors have realized that having a website is not enough to bring in new business.  People have access to multiple sources of information such as friends, television, radio, printed material and the web.  In order to catch your prospect’s attention and convert them into buyers, contractors need to continuously provide fresh information.  This can come in the way of a blog or website, videos on YouTube and the classic “before and after” pictures from a photo sharing site.

Just about all the photo sharing sites will let users to post a link on their primary site.  The great thing about photo sharing sites is that it allows the contractor to save hundreds of pictures so you can slowly trickle them out to your website audience.  They can also be used in emails or newsletters and on social media sites as well.

Using pictures across a range of sites and platforms will increase exposure for your business, and exposure commonly leads to interest from new clients. Contractors should be proactive in taking quality pictures of their work so that they can develop a “bragging” board of their past handiwork on their site or blog.  Asking for a testimonial from the client to use as a caption for the picture will make the picture “pop” even more.

Some of the better photos sharing sites out there are:




All have offer a “freemium” option, meaning there are free and paid plans you can choose from to host your pictures.