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Contractors: The NSA Just Ruined Your Businesses!


So many contractors I talk to have relied on referrals offline and organic traffic online to build their businesses.

Well, at least you still have referrals!

You can thank the NSA for this little ditty. You see, if you did any Google analytics work and pulled the keywords most often used by homeowners to find you…You have just been screwed with your pants on!

Because of Snowden and the NSA snooping around, Google is going to stop providing search terms used to find you, and that is very bad for contractors who depend on organic traffic to their websites for new business.

If you can’t see what is being used by Mrs. Jones to find you, how can you create content around it?

Well, I have a solution…but that I am going to keep for our clients. I mean, I can’t give it all away here for free! But I will say this…

Now is exactly why you need to be on social

Social will bypass search by putting you, your company and the information you provide socially front and center in Mrs. Jones’ social graph.

This is your chance to get online and make a difference and start building a social media platform that no one can take away…unless you ruin yourself!

So, with that in mind, if you are looking to start using social, stick to providing these 3 things:

1. Your ability by using images and content of your work
2. Your expertise through sharing information from others you curate from the web
3. And NOT SELLING like you are the Sham-Wow guy

No one wants to see you pump and dump your 10% off coupon all day on Twitter or your like us on Facebook to get a free sink.

People want content they can use in their daily lives!

I would bet 95% of the content we use for our social media clients has nothing to do with them, but 100% of what is important to their followers, that is, their homes!

So you heard it here first…

Google is going to make it EXTREMELY hard for you to find out how people find You, so be prepared with a solid plan B, which around here we call social media or our secret sauce to keyword development for your site! We will make sure you know how people find you! 🙂


Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs

2 responses to “Contractors: The NSA Just Ruined Your Businesses!”

  1. Randy Patton Avatar
    Randy Patton

    This is interesting! Some really great points you are sharing here!
    I have been doing this from the beginning, posting value to my social media sites. I felt all along that if you share value to your customers/prospects they would be more likely to contact me. I have branded myself by doing just the things you suggest! By doing this my website has been found a lot on first page of Google when they search for the keywords I have branded myself for.
    Thanks for putting this out!

    1. Darren Avatar

      You are welcome Randy! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!