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Contractors should use Google+ for marketing-A Guest Post by Randy Patton


Google Plus is an SEO (search engine optimization) lover’s dream. If you think about it, it’s really quite simple, Google Plus is owned by the number 1 search engine Google! So WHY wouldn’t you want to market on Google+? Google is the biggest search engine on the planet.

One of the things that people often forget about the Internet is that it is an effective way to advertise a business to customers located across the country and across the street.

Your neighbors and friends are using the Internet to find new businesses and buy products just as anyone else in the world would do. These days, your company needs to be seen on the Internet to be considered a viable option for consumers. One of the great ways to reach out to new clients is to utilize the social networking platform called Google+.

Who isn’t using Google?

Simply maintaining a presence on Google Plus helps boosts your SEO. Your activity helps increase your chances of showing up in Google search results and it makes it easier for people to find your business information when searching online. We all want our businesses found, right? Of course. That’s where Google Plus comes in with it’s SEO boosting capabilities.

Be Active

Your Google+ public posts and pages are indexed by Google’s search engine. So, your shares and status updates can show up in Google as a search result, playing a key role in boosting your SEO. Make them count! When posting content about your business: Google+ is the social networking arm of Google, and it offers contractors several ways to become more efficient and find more clients.

Your website rankings and ability to be found are most likely to increase with the activity you put into Google Plus!

Post by Randy Patton of Patton Services, a commercial roof coating contractor working with White Roofing Systems.