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Instagram Marketing for Contractors


dsThe image above is my most recent share on Instagram. It is a simple, yet effective way of letting people know what we do. Instagram is going to be a wonderful marketing tool for contractors going forward as well. In fact, before I get too far into this post, let’s hook up, my Instagram handle is Darren Slaughter. OK, on with the post!

Pairing the visual nature of construction and renovation work, Instagram enables contractors to share professional and candid shots of their best work and job sites. Hint, Instagram is a great way to promote your work without giving it away to sites that just serve ads to compete with you!

Another tip; by embedding website address or company name in the photo files, you can also ensure that the work, and praise for it, always leads back to you.

If you are already on Instagram you may have been affected by Instagram’s recent spam account purge. Referred to as the Instagram rapture, millions of accounts that were declared as false were deleted. The result was the loss of millions of followers for some Instagram users, especially celebrities who gain bragging rights from having the most devoted and highest number of followers.

For us ordinary folk, the Instagram purge is undoubtedly a good thing. While you may have seen a slight reduction in your number of followers, you can take solace in knowing that they were not real, productive accounts anyway. Numbers are great, but not if they are giving you false confidence in your own popularity and brand image. And besides, large followers don’t mean anything to someone who is actually trying to build a community!

Invite your customers to follow you on Instagram, ask them to share your pictures. For little or no investment, you can use Instagram as an important marketing tool. By cultivating a loyal Instagram following the more your followers will spread the word about your business.

What to share?

By sharing the best pictures of your work combined with candid, fun photos of silly moments on the job site or office pets, the people who follow you and interact through comments and photo sharing will get to know you better…which always helps in the sales process.

Remember, potential customers will be using your photos for inspiration. Share your best work, but also be willing to share images of decorating trends, homeowner tips, and other information that will be helpful to homeowners. Use high quality images that put your projects in their best possible light without having the appearance of touching up or Photoshopping.

As modern advertising shifts to the online platform, stay on top of the curve and show your social media savvy. Prospective customers will see you as an expert in your field and think of you when the time for renovations arrives.

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