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Randy Patton on Social Media, Part 3


What the results can be by marketing on Social Media!

Now that you understand “why” you need to market or post on social media, and the “how” to do it let’s look at what might just happen from all your efforts.

This is part 3 of Randy’s riff on social media. To read part 1, click here. For part 2, click here.

I know most of you are saying “I don’t have time” for all this, right? My question is…. can you afford not too?

Have you been spending money on phone book, newspaper, direct mail or trade shows to market your business? How much has that been costing you a year, probably several thousands of dollars, right?

OK, as I told you earlier Social Media is……. FREE! Do you need to hear that again? FREE!!

Now let’s look at the possibility of what can happen…….

Say you do some work for Bob who has 300 friends and Mary who has 500 friends all living in your area you work in. I don’t care what type of work you do it will work for anyone!

Now let’s say most of the jobs you do, you average just $3000.00 profit. Just an example! (use $200 if you like) As you do the work you take the time (a few seconds) to snap a picture or take a video, then you post it to you Facebook page when you have time, no it doesn’t have to be at that moment you take it.

Once it is posted both Bob and Mary like it, comment and share it to their wall, now you have 800 people seeing your work. Not to mention your own friends that will see this also! All of a sudden these
people are seeing you as “the” contractor they should be calling.

Do you think, they will trust their friends who hired you?

For this example let’s say you get just, one call, and that one call makes you another $3000.00 of profit or $200! HOW much did you spend on getting that customer? NOTHING! Cha ching! ALL profit! WHY…… because social media marketing is FREE!

You DIDN’T spend any $$$ on advertising!

This is called ROI…. return on investment! If you still don’t get it, send ME the $3000.00

Until next next time!
If you have any questions about any of this leave a comment below……