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Randy Patton’s Guest Post-Part 2

FacebookBelow is part two of Randy’s guest post, part three will be along soon. Share this up for Randy, thanks again Randy! If you missed part one you can read it by clicking here.

How to market on social media!

First you must know your “WHY” for your business, why am I in business?
If you say to make money…… WRONG!! It MUST be to help your customers have a better, easier life and to enjoy their home or business!

Once you know your WHY…….
Then the how will become easy for you to market on social media.

Ask yourself these questions……
1. Who is my customer?
2. How can I help them?
3. What do I specialize in?

First, start by making sure your page represents who and what you do!

Add a profile picture of you.
Add a header picture that represents what you do.

Then…...Start to build the relationship!

Once you have that figured out, start by asking your potential customers to friend you or like your page on Facebook and the other social media channels you are on. Now that you have built a following, start sharing what it is you do, like FYI or DIY information. Give some tips on how to do what it is you do.

Be an information resource for your customers or what I call “brand” yourself as a specialist! You can also share before, during and after pictures with a short story of what you are doing so they can actually see your work. This will help in branding yourself as the specialist.

When you are doing a project for someone ask them if they are on Facebook and ask them if they mind if you share their project on your Facebook wall or page. Then ask them, if they would like it and leave a comment, then share it to their wall.

Now all of a sudden, instead of only your friends seeing this, ALL of their friends are seeing it also, instantly more customers! Here’s an FYI…. ask them to be in a picture of the finished project, that will really get them excited to share the picture.

Last but not least…….Be proactive!

What does that mean? When your prospects or customers leave comments and share your posts be sure to leave a comment or thank them for sharing and commenting.

Part 3….. what the results of your efforts can be