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Referrals Make You Lazy. Long Live Referrals!

Referrals…great word. It means the reward for doing good work. Good work that over time, rewards you with an opportunity to continue doing good work. Good for you, now what?

I’ve never met a contractor who has been busy enough with referrals to sustain their business for the long-term. Eventually, you have to market your business, and 2018 might be the year.

I say that because there is a lot at stake. The Amercian remodeling marketing is at a frothy $150 billion and rising…fast.

With about $5 million dollars up for grabs in each zip code, you better be promoting your business. I don’t care how you do it; yard signs, truck wraps, mailers, or what we do, leads for contractors, but you better be doing something besides living off of yesterday’s work.

Know why? 

Because you need to impress as many people as possible now (new business) so that when the market turns and you are slow, the additional new work you did provides referrals then. That’s how you tough out down markets.

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