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Should You Start Using Google+ For Construction Marketing?

With so many social media networks, you have to ask yourself, what is the viability of Google+ in 2015? While Twitter or Facebook have the potential to grow your company, Google+, a social network that was created as Google’s response to Facebook, has so far failed to live up to the hype.

But is there any relevance left in Google+, should you actually use it on a daily basis, or should you focus on other social sites? The reality is that despite being considered a flop in the online world, Google+ still has quite a lot of potential, especially for the right contractor.

Search result integration

If there’s one thing that you will like about Google+, is complete integration with Google search results. This alone makes Google+ a win because your posts can receive a lot more exposure when people searching for what you do who happen to also follow you. Your site will populate in their personalized search results.

Website traffic

Even if Google+ has lost many of it’s users to other social networks, there are still millions of users here, you just have to go into using the platform with eyes wide open, meaning, Google has been stripping away features, which is never a good sign for a Google product. But, if you can create great headlines and useful content, people will, like all other social networks, share your articles and offer you the exposure you need. It all comes down to offering them something useful and relevant.

Engagement factor

Since Google+ does integrate with most of the other Google services, you can easily improve the overall customer engagement through promoted content, which is shared across other social media platforms. Not that many social networks offer the amazing engagement factor that Google+ does, so you should give Google+ a shot because you just never know.

While the future of Google+ is still unknown, the reality is that until Google axes the product (something that it did with Reader, Code and plenty of other services), you can drive some value from the platform. Grow your audience, offer them something that brings in value and quality, then they will always generate at least some traffic for you and bring the exposure you want.

Of course, you do need a solid social presence on other sites, just in case Google+ decides to take the platform out behind the bard and shoot it. But you should certainly try it out, especially since all you need is a Google account to start.