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Show Off Your Home Improvement Projects With Instagram

Don’t dismiss Instagram as the Land of the Selfies. There’s actually quite a bit of value in using this social media app to generate leads and new business! Men and women naturally rely on different methods and sources when deciding on their next home improvement project.

Step inside the shoes of a potential customer for a moment. If you were looking to hire a contractor to work inside your home, wouldn’t you want to see previous projects before making a decision? Instagram is a photo-sharing app available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. It also allows users to post videos up to 15 seconds long. Nearly 13% of all Internet users are on Instagram, which equates to approximately 200 million people per month. Though the app is often seen as a place that high school and college students frequent, 15% of adult makes and 20% of adult females in the US are members.

Home improvement contractors can take advantage of this free app by posting before and after photos, a particularly unique project they’re proud of, a video tour of a renovation they completed, and so on! Instagram can also be a great way to showcase office culture and highlight the people that work within your company day in and day out. People who follow you may recognize your receptionist’s name when she answers the phone or foreman when he arrives for the first day of a project just based on your social media posts. This helps build trust and lasting relationships between your company and your customers.

A great company to look to for a little inspiration is Improveit! Home Remodeling out of Columbus, Ohio. On their Instagram feed, @improveithr, they display the perfect blend of completed projects, design ideas, office culture, and a little weird and wacky fun!

One of the best reasons to use Instagram to share photos and videos is because it’s extremely easy to use. As long as you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use Instagram. Photos and videos can be uploaded directly from your device to Instagram, and shared with your network of people. Be sure to use creative descriptions and hashtags to gain even more attention.

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