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Social Media For Contractors: What Happens When You Share Info? A Guest Post by Randy Patton

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What happens when you share info? As I have been writing these blogs I have noticed that I have been sharing them with everyone! AND more than once!

If I am doing this? What do you think your customers will do?

Imagine what could happen……

This is what can, and will happen when you share pictures, videos and info about jobs you are working on with your friends on social media. All of a sudden the customer wants to share with their friends what you are doing for them. This can go on day after day as you post new updates of the project.

They want everyone to see the new kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel or whatever you are doing for them. These people click like on their friends page and NOW their friends are seeing your posts!

Another thought from what I have been doing…….

Be helpful, what do I mean by that?

Be willing to like and share other contractors posts. Don’t be afraid that “they” will be upset, you are actually helping them. I know you say WHY would I want to help them? Because if you share their posts they may just start liking and sharing your posts. As I say…. cha-ching more customers seeing your posts! Even if you just like a post it can helpful.

I have had several contractors say….. all that will do is help you!

Guess what? They are still trying to figure out how to get their name out there! This is “how” I started by sharing other people’s stuff. Until I was able to create my own content to share.