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Social Media ROI for Contractors

Can You Compare ROI of Social vs. Traditional Marketing? What is a lead worth to your business?

$5? $25? $150? $500?

No matter what you pay for a lead, you have a good idea what the cost is to you regardless of profit. Knowing that gives you the ability to move in and out of marketing programs that either produce a result, or should be dropped.

Social gives you that too, without the cost!

Social’s knock has always been you can’t quantify the effort. Because it’s the effort in lieu of buying space or cards or a commercial that you need to justify.

And if you just look at social with the advice I give you in the video, you can then determine the value, or ROI of social. Here’s one final tip, marketing as a whole isn’t about getting in front of 100k people, it’s about getting in front of 1, the one who is going to buy!

If you are still kicking the can down the road on social media, you may want to take a look at this: Click here to read about our social media management program.