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contractor selling

  • Let Them Sell Themselves!

    Close more sales by having a solid game plan in place before you ever sit down with your prospect. A series a well-thought out questions (and rebuttals) will go a long way in helping you close more deals. And by asking your prospects questions, you allow them to think they are in charge because they…

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  • 4 Reasons Why People Buy – Part 2

    Yesterday, I started a post about selling and sales, and why people buy. Today, I am going to list the 4 reasons why people buy and talk a little bit about the selling process. Ready? People buy for all kinds of reasons, and despite numerous studies on the subject, no one has actually nailed down…

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  • Would You Buy From You? Or Why People Buy

    Yesterday I sat in on a sales call webinar on RemodelCrazy.com given by Darren Salyer of Absolute Basement Finishing, LLC. (Disclosure: Darren is a client of mine) and Christopher Wright of WrightWorks, a home remodeling contractor located in Indy. Both talked about what has made them successful in the trades and how they have honed…

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