Why anyone would use a pay service for reviews in 2011 is beyond me. And why would any contractor use a service whose whole reason for being is to rip them instead of finding leads for contractors? Face it, more people use Angie’s List to bitch than they do to praise. In the final analysis, Angie’s List takes your money for the privilege of you having to someday defend yourself in the court of public opinion…which you NEVER win! Pass….

UPDATE: 5/31/2011

Below is a email marketing follow up I received just a few days after the above video post. If you are a contractor paying advertising dollars to AL, how do you feel when the very people you are giving money to to help promote your business is also forcing you to lower your prices? Let me ask you, is Angie’s List lowering their costs to help out contractors while the economy recovers? In a word…No!

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Update: 6/1/2011

So, I am leafing through this month’s issue of Inc. magazine, when I get to the advertising section, and what do my wondering eyes should appear? And ad for Angie’s List. If you read the ad, it says in the opening sentence, and I quote “Companies can’t pay to be on Angie’s List, so you can trust what your reading”. So I have to ask, what kind of spin-doctoring are we going to hear when someone from Angie’s List tries to clarify what that sentence means when Angie’s List DOES take money from companies to be on Angie’s List.

I am sure there is an explanation, but to you guys at Angie’s List, you realize that this all just looks bad don’t you?


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