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Why Twitter Rocks


Twitter is a wonderful place for businesses to connect with customers and prospective clients. With millions of people checking in multiple times each day, Twitter provides companies with a useful tool for creating a relationship with customers. When you coordinate your Twitter posts with your blog articles and other company communications, your followers will share and bring your company name to the attention of thousands more people.


Twitter rocks because it allows you to build a relationship with your customers that is not possible in the same way anywhere else. Twitter is an even playing ground where nobody is inaccessible. Customers like the fact that they can follow you and you will follow them back, retweet their comments, and give favorite stars to things they say.

You will love it because customers do the same thing with your posts, and each time they do it brings your post in front of new prospective customers. Twitter is simple and fun. Each post does not need to be a link to a profound blog or new product. You can simply make observations, say hello, or use a famous quote to keep your brand in front of followers.


Twitter is awesome as a marketing tool because you receive clear and immediate feedback to every message that you communicate. Twitter users may enjoy friending famous companies and people, but that does not mean that they are reserved about sharing their thoughts. It will be easy to see which of your posts are well received and which are not based on favorites, retweets, and tweets that people post about your company.

You know longer have to depend upon surveys or wait months for statistics to be analyzed. Twitter offers instant gratification in the feedback department. Win or lose, you know right away how much your followers love what you have to say as soon as you say it.


Twitter doesn’t just give you insight into what your customers are interested in, it also allows you to keep track of what the competition is up to. By searching for your competitors, you can spy on what they are offering and what customers are saying about them. See any complaints? Capitalize on the information you gather by pointing out why your company is better.


Customers who consider you a friend due to your online interactions will be much more loyal to your brand. Your online marketing strategy has the potential to take your customer relations to a whole new level. Offering exclusive promo codes and coupons to your Twitter followers also goes a long way toward increasing their loyalty and encouraging them to share your offers with their friends.


Twitter followers love to retweet your status updates, especially when you send them a quick thank you for their efforts. When they do this, it is essentially a word of mouth recommendation of your company to their hundreds of friends. Where else can you achieve that kind of positive endorsement – quickly and for free?


Increased sales is the goal of every marketing campaign, and everything that you do on Twitter will work toward this objective. Customers who constantly see your brand, feel like they are your friend, and are offered special incentives are going to spend more with your company.

Make the most of your Twitter profile.

In order to enjoy the types of results that are possible with a Twitter profile, you need to observe some basic Twitter etiquette. Your followers will enjoy having a relationship with you as long as they do not feel that you are only there for the sales pitch. As much as they appreciate sales and discounts, they will lose interest if they are always being asked to buy something.

Share links to blogs and articles other than your own that will interest your followers to demonstrate that you are as interested in them as they are in you. Favorite their statuses and leave a few comments. While you will want to maintain a professional image, a little conversation goes a long way.

By creating a personality for your company and interacting frequently with your followers, you can expect significant rewards from your time on Twitter.