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What’s it Cost You to Make $100k?

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It’s mid-January already. hard to believe. A new season (for those who have seasons) is right around the corner. Planning is key to having a great season. Take this week’s newsletter, I came up with the topic 6 months ago while I was with the kids having ice cream.

The topic? $100,000 dollars.

How does $100k and ice cream come together to form the basis of a newsletter written 6 months later? Here’s how.

It wasn’t so much ice cream as it was one of those yogurt by the once joints, you know the ones, they sell yogurt by the ounce. If you’ve never been, you’ve never been, when they hand you the bill you will swear like I did, that you are in the wrong profession because the shit is expensive by the ounce!

It gets expensive because you can add toppings, and boy do they add up. Now, guess what topping I happen to come across? Not jimmies, not hot fudge, but chunks of the old $100,000 candy bar.

While the kids were trading off tastes from each other’s cup of frozen goodness, I got to thinking, what could I do to add $100k to your topline revenue each year.

I imagined the difference one hundred thousand dollars could make to a company. From one just starting out to a 40-truck HVAC company whose been around 30 years. I said to myself, it is still a lot of money.

But over the last few months, I changed the way I thought about the question. I started to ask myself what it would cost you for the opportunity to make a $100k.

So, I whipped up a spreadsheet with some historical data we have laying around on lead generation, and I came up with a formula. Right now, I can tell you with pretty precise detail just how much it would COST you to make an additional $100k this year.

If you are interested in making another hundred-grand for you and your company this year, click this link, fill out the form, and I’ll give you, down to the dollar, what it should cost.

Yeah, we are going to have to have a conversation to get you the info you need, but conversations are free. New trucks and employees and workman’s comp insurance aren’t. And that’s what I’m thinking you’d use the money for. So click here now and let’s see what it would take for you to get at your own $100k bar.

Have a great week!


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