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Why Contractors Should Use Instagram


Why would a contractor even bother to use ANOTHER social media platform? One as apparently unrelated as Instagram for his or her business?

Well, let us see how.

Technology today has changed the way people live their lives and connect to each other. It has turned our world into a global village where everyone can share any information from anywhere around the world. Many organizations have realized the power of the internet and social media in today’s era and have taken careful steps towards using them to promote their businesses.

And services like Instagram is a great medium of doing so.

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing service which allows you to post photos, and more recently, short videos up to 15 seconds and share them on a variety of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Instagram was purchased this year be Facebook for a billion…yes, a BILLION dollars, even though the company generates no revenue, that’s how big a deal photos are to Facebook.

Instagram is growing faster and bigger with over 150 million active users per month on their native network along with the 1.1 billion people who have access to it on Facebook, allowing easy and free exposure to this huge of a market, Instagram can be easily viewed as a marketing tool and a very powerful one at that.

By sharing photos of your work or anything amusing about your firm you will instantly create a healthy trust level with your prospects, clients or customers, and the general public who DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU. Pictures of your office, your brand image, your happy and satisfied customers, your latest work, all of these will allow your clients to have an idea of what quality of work your firm has to offer.

Similarly you can use Instagram to share photos of your employees, their families, their birthday parties and other such events to show your customers how well-managed and caring staff you have. The basic aim is to tell your organizations story through carefully selected pictures that not only deliver your message, but also keep the viewer entertained and willing to share it with their friends and family. Rachel Sprung writes,

Instagram also allows you to create a fan following and further cultivate it, increasing your brand awareness. Like any other social media website, Instagram allows your followers to like and comment on your photos.

This allows you to know exactly how much value your business holds in the eyes of the public and also lets them engage directly with you. And in return you can engage back. There are a number of ways that you can create exciting activates for them like having photo and video sharing events, having related contests and much more to keep your followers close to your brand.

Using Instagram for promoting business is still comparatively less than through using Facebook or Twitter. This is a very big plus point for your firm because it will give you the first mover advantage and make you stand out from your competitors. Marketing is all about identifying opportunities before everyone else does and taking advantage of them. So take your brand to Instagram now and see how you can enhance your brand image in your target demographic.

If you think it’s time to get social, if 2014 is YOUR year to spread the message of your great business online, let us help. Visit SlaughterMedia.com and see how we can make you more social!