Why Social Media Will Beat Testimonials – And an Offer

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This is the newsletter I sent out to my 950 or so subscribers. It is a newsletter that talks about a few important things:

  • Getting things done that we promised ourselves we would do
  • Caring for our social selves-and our businesses
  • Why I think social is going to be more relevant than user reviews
  • What I think is a great offer
  • How I can give you more time to get things done

Can you smell that? Go ahead, take a deep breath…

Smells like fall doesn’t it? It’s right around the corner…football, cool weather and reflection.

Wait, what? Reflection?

The days are getting shorter and the time to sit back and reflect on what we wanted to get done vs. what we got done is coming up fast. One of those things I hope you are able to check off your to-do list is a social media marketing campaign.

Because September is Social Media month…OK, I made that up, but I am trying to make a point!

Every contractor needs to be on social media today. That’s not a sales line, it’s fact. Social media profiles are being used as confidence factors just like reviews and testimonials.

In fact, I think social media has the ability to replace reviews in the next few years, and here’s why. Even the grand-daddy of reviews (Yelp) is having trouble keeping fake reviews in check, and when people can’t rely on testimonials or reviews, the only thing left is going to be social.

Your prospects will checkout:

  • How many followers you have
  • How many tweets you’ve posted
  • How many friends you have
  • How many likes you have
  • How many posts you’ve made


Because you can’t game audience, and you can’t do 2,000 Twitter updates or Facebook posts in a day without looking like a fraud. Sure you can buy likes and you can buy followers, but Mrs. Jones is getting too slick for that. She knows someone liking your page from Mumbai isn’t real, or a comment from a follower in the Ukraine…bullshit and she knows it.

No, she wants to see organic growth inside your community over the long term. People who follow you locally, in your area and who are just like her…and that’s not something you can buy, it has to be built with a solid foundation, like a house.

And it takes time…a long time! And you need to get started

But I get it, you are trying to run a business, who has time to build a social media network and paint or build or remodel houses?

Here’s an idea…let me manage your social media marketing!

I manage your day-to-day social media marketing posting information I curate for you everyday from the web out to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels along with periodic posts with any promotions or offers you have with the main objective being brand-building and marketing you as the expert.

I post 7 days a week at least 2 posts a day to each of your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles. That’s 6 interactions daily, 180 a month, 1080 over 6 months, 2160 over a year.

If you aren’t doing it, someone needs to be building your brand online. And I do it the right way, the same method I used to get you to read this very sentence…honest caring about your community.

How’s it help?

It builds a following, builds brand awareness and a social media presence while maintaining your reputation…This is what every contractor needs to have in 2013 and beyond!

The best part is the price…

It’s $99 a month, billed on a monthly subscription, and you can cancel anytime. I spend about a half hour a day on your account, each day. So you are basically paying a social media expert $10 an hour over the course of a month to manage your campaign.

Can’t beat that…And I do all the work. No subbing it out, I do the work.

I promise this isn’t some silly “create a sense of urgency” salesman BS, I can only take on so many social media clients, so space IS limited.

If you want to be well on your way to developing a solid social media presence going into 2014, let me know now. Send me an email to darren@darrenslaughter.com.

Thanks and have a great week!


P.S. Begin you membership now and I will include custom design work for each of your social media profiles AND include my reputation monitoring for free!. That’s over $300 saved right there this year!