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Your Content Needs to Do This to Get New Leads!

Conveying a feeling to your reader has to already exist in your prospect. But you don’t know what stage of the buying process she is in.

If you write in a way that puts her already in the subject of the page (say for example, a new kitchen) then you are helping her create an image in her mind where she has already purchased what you sell.

Talking too much about you, and your years in business and that you won some award 10 years ago does nothing to give her that feeling she needs to push the buying button .

Content should be short, about the product and how Mrs. Jones is going to use it, live in it, love it and do her daily tasks in it.

I just got a great email from a painting client. He sent me the email HIS prospect sent him regarding his website. In the email, the prospect is answering his question as to how he found him, the prospect responds by saying:

“Pretty sure it was just a google search, but I do seem to remember that your website compelled me to actually call vs. some others that discouraged me from calling.”

Now, we don’t know what exactly compelled the prospect. Was it design? Was it content? Was it the call to action on each page?

I don’t know…

But I do know two things…

The prospect found the client during a Google search on a site that’s only been live for 3 weeks, and whatever he liked on the site compelled him to call…while other sites actually made him leave.

That’s what you need your site to do for you. Because each new reader isn’t a lead or a prospect, they are a $5,000 or $25,000 bill dressed up like a reader, and either you are going to get the business or someone else is!

If you are here on my site, I want it to be you, so let’s make it you!

2 responses to “Your Content Needs to Do This to Get New Leads!”

  1. Sam Bradley Avatar
    Sam Bradley

    Interesting post. Are you saying contractors need to include “features and benefits” in their content?

    1. Darren Avatar

      Along with imagery, yes.