Monday 5th June 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Google is going to start allowing companies to place ads (logos) on their locations on Google maps. Without seeing any details, seems to that there could be a fair amount of gaming going on. In other words, one contractor could buy up a spot next to a competitor just to “mark his territory” if you will.

From AdRants

After a six month test in Australia, Google has opened up a new ad platform on its Maps product. Brands can place a logo on their locations within the application. The logos will replace the standard grey logos which already appear in the product.

The program is rolling out initially with four advertisers according to Advertising Age. Bank of America, Target, Public Storage and HSBC have signed on for the beta period. Soon, all. businesses will be able to claim their space on Maps.

This along with the release of Google Instant makes marketing for contractors just a bit harder if you have become reliant on maps and places for work.

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